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Alexandre Vallès, André Schneider, Bastien Gabriel, Judith Magre, Walter Billoni, Siolé Fakataulavelua, Pierre Emö, Sania Yenbou, and Sophie Tellier in Les Fantômes, a new thriller / horror film from Vivàsvan Pictures. Written by André Schneider and Alexandre Vallès. Directed by Alexandre Vallès. Music composed by Jean-Pierre Stora. Please check back regularly for further information.

May 5, 2018

One Deep Breath
by LOVERSFF, 2015.

Eros and Thanatos. One deep breath: this is what Maël might need to cope with his partner Adam’s suicide, a tragic event that, apart from great sorrow, has caused him to have a physical breakdown. He is troubled by his doubts about his lover’s last drastic act, by how he put an end to his life and to their difficult relationship. But his grief turns into anger when he discovers that Adam had a secret long-term relationship with a woman called Patricia: he digs deep into his own memories, recollecting past events and eventually meeting his rival. On her part, Patricia will have to face unexpected dangers. A claustrophobic melodrama, with an unstructured and evocative narrative style. Here, South African director Antony Hickling, 34, confirms his visionary talent and ability to adopt a fresh point of view on queer cinema. All the performers are strictly gay and transgender, including Manuel Blanc, who was once André Téchiné’s muse.

“One Deep Breath”

Antony Hickling was born in South Africa in 1975 and studied Acting at Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. He began working as an actor in the UK and later moved to France to continue his studies in the performing arts. He then dedicated himself to film directing and self-produced his own short films (up to now he has produced more than 10) that have been very successful at LGBT festivals around the world. After his first feature film, »Little Gay Boy« (2013), he was co-director on »The End of Cruising« (2013), a documentary by Todd Verow.

director: Antony Hickling /screenplay: Antony Hickling, André Schneider / editing: Victor Toussaint / photography: Tom Chabbat / production design: Marie Charpentier / sound: Baptiste Ladreit / music: Stephane Guirreic, Julien Melique / cast: Manuel Blanc, Thomas Laroppe, Stéphanie Michelini, André Schneider, Michèle Seeberger, Biño Sauitzvy, Magali Gaudou, Alvaro Lombard, François Brunet / producer: Antony Hickling, André Schneider / production: Optimale, Vivàsvan.