Freaky Balls in Edinburgh

Freaky Balls

Scottish audiences will be getting precariously close to some perfectly shaved Freaky Balls again tonight! After a frightfully funny 15-minute performance in Glasgow on Thursday, André has happily arrived in Edinburgh to be at The Stand tonight to do his first — and only! — full-length performance of Freaky Balls in Scotland! It’s a Special Surprise Midnight Show and for The Stand members only! So be sure to be in Midlothian on time!
     In Freaky Balls, André rips into some of life’s most intimate subjects, including life, death and Angelina Jolie. Very few escape the hilariously honest cut of his tongue: Robbie Williams, Madonna, Kate Capshaw, Coldplay, microwaves, designer clothes; all fall victim to Mr. Schneider’s comedic appetite.
     When the show first opened in 2007, Herr André received rave reviews:

     »He’s the shameless smart boy next to you who talks and talks and makes you laugh and laugh and wish the party would never end!« (Time Out)

     »A wildly witty one-man show. (…) One of the sexiest comedians alive.« (Attitude)

Read André’s original 2007 interview for Freaky Balls here. You can also follow him on Twitter — he’s desperate for human contact in his hotel room and twittering his fucking brains out.


24 thoughts on “Freaky Balls in Edinburgh

  1. Save a piece of chocolate cake for Atti!
    You’re even hotter & funnier than back then, baby! Like you w/ that facial hair & not so skinny. Thanx for stopping by! xxx

  2. still that cute porn star ass lol
    hope u be in glasgow again soon
    btw why didn’t u read that burberry bitch to filth she deserved it
    hope u rocked house in e.

  3. I bet ur balls are not only perfectly shaved but perfectly shaped. 😉 Next time you won’t need a hotel sexy stay with me 😛

  4. Good morning everybody, and THANK YOU for your sweet messages! I enjoyed myself immensely last night thanks to your support and kindness. 😀 🙂 Already up and packing my stuff, heading back home today (don’t want to, though).

    @ Declan: I don’t know when I’ll be in Glasgow next. Just check the Termine / Dates section on this site from time to time, it’s updated regularly. 🙂

    @ Stu: I love You, you know! Thanks for having me. *kiss*

    @ Mia: ❤

    @ Tombear: Cover me in honey and throw me to the bears! My balls are pretty much the prettiest on earth, I can tell you. Unfortunately they're of the none of your business kind. 😉

    @ Eileen: Thank you! This means a lot to me!! 😀

    @ Bianca & Dane: Thank YOU for the laughs! I couldn't have done this without you guys!! Hope I'll be back soon. 😮

    Have a glorious Sunday, everybody! I'm still overwhelmed by your sweetness and hospitality. Love, Light, Serenity! 🙂

  5. Would’ve loved to fry her, but I’d just had my new Yoga class, so I simply said, “Sat nam!”, and thought: “Thank God I believe in peace, bitch!”, softly smiled at her and left. May Karma take good care of her. 😉

  6. Hi I was wondering if you could send me the transcript of your Budapest story or upload a video please? Thank you.

  7. Hi Atti! I just caught your Newcastle show last night & wanted to tell you what a uniquely gifted performer you are! We had such a good time! Thank you & please come back soon!

  8. Whooo-Peeee! Good News!! The London dates have been confirmed!

    Four shows in July, in Greenwich (Up The Creek), Whitehall (Tattershall Castle), Kingston (Crack Comedy), and Leicester Square (99 Club).

    Please go to the DATES PAGE for further details.

  9. i liked “freaky balls” but “slap my balls and call me mildred” was waaaayyyyyyy better! a pity you’re not performing regularly any more. why’s that?

  10. how’s my favourite little porn star ass doing in gloomy ol’ berlin
    please write
    plz come back to glasgow soon we miss u here
    u will always rock my ❤

  11. Attibaby, we miss you!
    Talked to Stu on the phone last night & he misses you, too. The 2000s were great & seem so far away now! We should have a reunion BIKINI party before 2016, don’t you think? I hear you have a boyfriend now? Please excuse my writing here but somehow I’ve lost your e-mail. Could you please send me your number again? As you’d say, “Sweetie, we need to talk!”
    Love with a big L,
    Donna Kebab

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