Deed Poll (2009)

Deed Poll

André Schneider
Deed Poll
published on March 10, 2009
84 pages, paperback
BoD Norderstedt
ISBN: 978-3-8370-3513-1

Sex. Drugs. Murder. And they’re just starting…
     A short film about faith and devotion, absolute surrender and untamable passion. Sean and Ivy Poll, two spoiled siblings and lovers, lead a life without obligations. They inherit a huge mansion where they enjoy sex, drugs, and card games. They hire a male prostitute, Nathaniel Griffin, to join them and share their sexual fantasies which soon go way out of hand.
     Five years after its release, Deed Poll has long become a cult classic. Discover the original 2001 script and more than 50 stills and photos from the 2004 film.

“Decadence at its best … think something along the lines of ‘Last Tango in Paris’ … powerful performances … superbly written.” (Alex Monty Canawati)

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