Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (2004)

André Schneider
Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease
published on November 30, 2004
217 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-3-938262-17-7
ISBN (old): 3-938262-17-6

Fragile and tender, sensual and sexual, raw and daring, poetic and philosophical — André Schneider rocks. The electrifying talent of the German- born actor, comedian, musician, media provocateur, and cult star has now taken to the page and burned it up with flashes of true brilliance.

Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease is a deeply personal collection of sexy tales, spicy one-liners, fiercely witty riffs, sweet doses of wisdom, and the insight of a boy who has lived life big. Like a whisper in your ear, Atti opens up his world: from his friendship with his plumber to his (imagined?) history as a Vegas showgirl; from London and Tokyo to New York and Berlin; from poetry of romantic yearning to dead-on truths brought to light in the hilarious glow of rock, fashion, celebrity, and spirituality.

A mix of memoir, fiction, invented memoir, and fiction that rings with the truth, this book charts the state of romance, sex, and relationships — the need to love and be loved — in several cities, and several sexes. Thrown in between are various celebrity cameos: Robbie Williams, Victoria Beckham, Céline Dion, Antonio Banderas, and numerous stars from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy fall victim to Mr. Schneider’s comedic appetite in this revealing, pensive, and entertaining book.

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