February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about my latest movie, Rafael. This is once again a project that’s very dear to my heart. It’s dedicated to love and life, and it’s about the art of communication and communication through art.
     To me, one of the most beautiful and profound art forms has always been poetry. So in order to create this movie, I chose poetry from Germany, Portugal, Spain, and South America in different translations. The majority of these poems come from Pablo Neruda, because they are so full of energy and life and fire and passion, and they’re loaded with extraordinarily beautiful images. And I asked friends of mine, artist friends from different genres — musicians, film makers, performance artists, actors, painters, photographers — from all over the world to send me their visions of these poems. Daniel Rhyder (USA), Pau Masó (Spain), Maria de Medeiros (Portugal), Jo van Nelsen (Germany) and many others are sailing this ship with me. But that’s only one part of the film.
     Rafael is also my attempt of drawing a cinematic portrait of an excruciatingly gifted young man who lives in between three different worlds: Originally from Brazil, he grew up in Oslo, Norway, and has just recently moved Berlin to write about … well, his life in Berlin. He’s also a talented painter, and someone who embraces life and loves to delve into fun and beauty.
     I try to combine these two elements, the poetry / art part and the documentary part. We’re right in the middle of shooting, and I’m actually not quite sure where it takes us, but we’re trying to create a (hopefully quite intriguing) piece of love together.
     This is just to keep you in the know of what I’m doing. We’re still looking for artists that are willing to contribute to this adventure, and we’ve already made a little teaser — not much, though, just an appetizer.
     Sending you hot and sweet huggedyhugs,



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