April 26, 2016

»I would like to dedicate this last song tonight to all those who came before me and forged those emotional and aesthetic highways that I’ve traveled down so effortlessly. To those who have the guts to live life right on the edge. I dedicate this song to Apollonia, to Sheila E, to Vanity, to Lisa and Wendy on their own, to all that the glamorous life implies. But above all, I want to dedicate this song to the purple paisley God himself, to the little man who chooses to sit all alone, naked, under a cherry moon. Lovesexy. It’s the sign of the times, it’s the sign o’ the times, it’s the sign o’ the times…« (Sandra Bernhard, Without You I’m Nothing)

Prince’s death leaves me speechless. Literally. His music rocked my world ever since the late 1980s. »Controversy«, »Kiss«, »Dirty Mind«, »Soft and Wet«, »Nothing Compares 2 U« (even though my favourite version was Jimmy Smith’s from the late 1990s), »If I Was Your Girlfriend«, »Gett Off«, »Sexy M.F.«, »1999«, »Purple Rain« — the list is endless! »Little Red Corvette« and »I Would Die 4 U« have been theme songs of mine for about twenty years now. »NEWS« remains one of the most outstanding albums of all times…
I still don’t know what to write. This has left a big whole in my mind. In terms of artist deaths, 2016 sucks big time! The Berlin weather seems to be paying its very own Prince tribute: »Sometimes it snows in April«.


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