October 20, 2011

Hey everybody,
it’s been months since my last entry in English, I know, but this summer’s been all work-work-work for me, so please forgive my thoughtlessness.

My next film’s called A Second Chance, and it will be shot in Paris and Berlin. Writing this piece has been most enlightening. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of telling a love story not only between two cities but two countries, two languages, two cultures. How do two people with entirely different backgrounds build bridges? How do they keep their love alive? It certainly takes a lot of courage and commitment. Love in itself is a challenge, but a love under these particular circumstances has to be stronger than strong to survive.
Our film starts with a phone call: André receives, for the first time after their separation three years ago, a phone call from his ex-partner Laurent who tells him he wants to visit him in Berlin. Cautiously, André awaits the arrival of Laurent, with whom he’d lived for ten years in Paris. When they finally see each other, they discover that their feelings for each other are still very strong, despite of the many things that once lead to their painful break-up. For the first time ever, they really communicate (»I want us to talk and not just speak!«, says André in the film) — and after a long weekend together, they decide to grant their relationship a second chance. Will it work out this time?
We’ve all been through something, whether it’s a death or something else; you get that phone call, and all of a sudden, life has changed. It’ll be drop dead interesting to explore that experience in a film. My dear friend Laurent Delpit will be my co-star in this adventure; other friends like Jennifer Eberhardt, a marvellous photographer, and Léonard Lasry support my precious endeavour with their creativity and diligence. Town & Country, a Berlin-based company, supports us with money, as do so many friends from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. I am so, so happy about this project and how things finally turned out. By the way, we’re still taking donations, so if you want to support A Second Chance, please wire your donation to


…and if you have any questions, never hesitate to e-mail me at vivasvanpictures[at]yahoo.co.uk
As you know, I like answering questions a lot.

It’s already icy cold in Berlin; only fiery, naughty thoughts help you through the dark months. I’ll be in London and Manchester again in January and hope to see you guys there.
Stay safe, have a great weekend.