May 15, 2011

Alex & Leo
by Pip, Entertainment Focus, 2 Apr, 2011

Alex (Andre Schneider) finds himself single after walking in on his boyfriend having sex with another man. Seeking comfort amongst his friends, Alex struggles to get over his failed relationship until he meets Leo (Marcel Schlutt). The two spark an instant attraction but Alex resists temptation as Leo has a girlfriend. Things take an unexpected turn when Leo dumps his girlfriend and starts to pursue Alex. Can Alex allow himself to fall in love again or is Leo just wasting his time?

Alex & Leo is a sweet low-budget movie that warms the cockles of your heart with its story. Whilst things do move pretty quickly in the first 30 mins — Leo comes out to his girlfriend, dumps her then embraces his homosexuality — stretching credibility, the movie’s pace slows down once Leo starts to pursue Alex. The majority of the film focuses on the battle between the two to acknowledge their feelings for one another. Secondary to that storyline is the love lives of Alex’s friends Tobi (Udo Lutz) and Steffi (Sasca Haj).

The movie’s success rests almost solely on the lead actors Andre Schneider and Marcel Schlutt. Schneider is easily the strongest of the two and puts in a believable performance as the oft-put-upon Alex. Schlutt, a former German pornstar, manages to hold his own and puts in a solid showing; especially considering the track record of pornstars attempting to act. Udo Lutz steals some scenes as the bitchy and moody Tobi and his storyline is a nice complement to the main plot.

Special features on the DVD include outtakes and a trailer for the movie.

Alex & Leo is an enjoyable film and whilst it’s unlikely to sweep up lots of awards, it is still worthy of your time. The two lead actors work well together and the story stays within the realms of believability. If you fancy something low-key but surprisingly charming then Alex & Leo comes highly recommended.