March 18, 2011

Don’t Wanna Wake Up Alone Again

Don’t wanna wake up alone again
Don’t wanna go down that road again
Don’t wanna lose control again
Don’t wanna make that mistake again

Don’t wanna live in the real world
I never wanted a normal life
Don’t wanna whisper another prayer
Will you be there in the morning light 

So on and on and on it goes
One by one the days unfold
A thousand dreams have disappeared
Give me back my wasted year 

Afternoons that fade away
Sleepless nights are here to stay
Don’t look forward to another day
It’s not a game I choose to play 

So while I lay here awake at night
Bring me hope, make me feel alright
Or maybe whisper a lullaby
Then say goodnight for the final time

André Schneider

(This poem was written 2008 in London.)