June 15, 2010

I’m proud to announce that Alex und der Löwe (a.k.a. Alex and Leo) will premiere at the Philadelphia QFest on Tuesday, July 13, 5:00 PM.

QFest’s Scott Cranin wrote:
     »The sexual games people play — in this case, young hip Berliners — is the subject of this high energy ensemble comedy.
     In this German comedy that features six characters in search of love, director Yves Yuri-Garate and screenwriter Andre Schneider bring a light touch to a hip urban tale. Alex (Andre Schneider) walks in on his boyfriend fucking someone else — and out he goes — much to the relief of his friends Tobi (Udo Lutz) and Steffi Graf (Sascia Haj) (and yes, the character not only has the unusual name of the tennis star, she’s a gossiping astrologer therapist). German porn star/actor Marcel Schlutt stars as Leo, who, after a dinner party, reveals to his girlfriend that he’s got sexual feelings for men and it’s best that they break up. Six weeks later they all have a wild night at a Berlin performance art club. Leo goes out with his friend, who happens to be a patient of Steffi’s and Alex goes out with his friends. Tobi is smitten with a gorgeous waiter, but he loses the power of speech whenever he sees the man. On a wondrous night, Alex meets Leo, and Tobi discovers his waiter (and they go home together). But what about Steffi? Have no worries, she’ll be fine. Alex and Leo vibrates with the energy of the hip Kreutzberg, Berlin streets and clubs where it was filmed.«

There’ll be a second screening on Sunday, July 18. For further information, please click here.
     Useless to say, we’re all happy-happy-happy!
     I’m sending tiger kisses and baby bear hugs over to Philly.